Trash Pack Gross Ghosts Series 12 Pack Unboxing Review

Hey Reagan’s Toy Review Nation – it’s Dad and Reagan and this time we are back with an ultra special Trash Pack surprise. Recently we were greeted with a large box from UPS and you might be able to guess who it was from by the video in this post. Yep, you guessed it, it was TRASH PACK! The great people from Moose Toys’ PR company sent us a new Trash Pack series called – Gross Ghosts! Not only did they send us a 12 pack, but they also sent us a 5 pack and the official Gross Ghosts Garbage Truck!

What is a Trash Pack Gross Ghost? Glad you asked! They are a new see-through trashie, that looks like a ghost! They are equally as disgusting as their series 1 characters. This ghostly series will be available at TARGET stores just in time for Halloween, this fall 2013.

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