The Trash Pack Street Sweeper Giveaway

Happy Holidays Reagan’s Toy Review fans! Reagan and I have been enjoying time with family and enjoying all of the great food and memories that surround this time of year. We have a TON of new toys to giveaway, so you will want to be sure that you are subscribed to our youtube channel – (just hit the subscribe button).

Per the usual, we are using Punchtab to administer our giveaway. Look for the punchtab box below and start sending in your entries for your chance to win. With punchtab, you can ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH!! Tweet each day, share it on facebook, or Google Plus us – anything you wish, the more you share the contest, the more chances you will earn to win.

The Trash Pack Street sweeper comes with 2 exclusive trashies! This vehicle is loads of fun to play with and we wish you all the best! Good luck.

  • Marco Montes Nava

    That looks awsome


    looks awsomes 😀

  • Alexandra

    I want to win because I love trash pack do much. They are pretty sweet toys and a lot of fun to squish!

  • Reuf

    I want to win this so bad!

  • Cooper Manning

    Very cool, would love to win

  • Yeow

    cause its free and look cool

  • Harris

    I want to win because it’s cool, free, and these give-away’s are soooo fun to enter!

  • Harris

    What did everyone get for Christmas?

  • Sierra Robinson


  • Haley

    Would love to win this Street Sweeper for my 7 year old. He loves Trashies just like you Reagan!

  • Arrow Lee

    I want to win because the trash pack is so awesome and its fun to enter giveaways

  • Arrow Lee

    It is fun and amazing(giveaways)

  • Arron Kim

    I just love trashies

  • amanda shafer

    i want this for my son

  • MF

    I want he sweeper for my self and my niece, we love trashies!!!

  • Darlene

    It is so cool

  • niamh

    Your videos are the best!!!!!!

  • Harrison Vu

    oh when I win my address is 6215 n harding

  • Art-Pat Luis

    I love trash pack and i want to win the street sweeper for my trashies

  • Art-Pat Luis

    GO trash pack

  • Art-Pat Luis


  • Art-Pat Luis

    i love your vido`s

  • Gavin

    I love Trash Pack, but can’t find the Street Sweeper anywhere :(

  • tony

    love trash pack so much

  • Alexandra

    I really hope I win

  • Alexandra

    Go trash pack

  • Alexandra

    Pleas pick me

  • Braden Woods

    I am a Trash Pack fan and would, naturally, like to have this.

  • Cia

    I would really like to have this Trash Pack street sweeper because I am a trash pack fan

  • jacksonstoyreviews


  • jacksonstoyreviews


  • jacksonstoyreviews


  • jacksonstoyreviews


  • jacksonstoyreviews


  • Andy Matt

    Does anybody know reagan’s email??? I would like to offer a trade. Thanks

  • Alexandra

    I hope I win

  • Sami Achouri

    Im a big fan of you and would love to have this:)

  • Guy

    i wounder who won??? By the way, does anybody have a blue blowfly or orange trash-a-pillar???? I would like to trade.

  • city789067

    i would really like to this giveaway i love trash pack

  • Areadne

    What happened to this site – it used to be really cool, and now all it takes about are Trash Packs — I mean it’s cool – but if I wanted to go to a website dedicated about them, I’d go to Trashie’s website. We’re loosing interest fast. Every new post — Trash Packs. .. boring.


    trash pack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • logan

    how do i get in

  • logan

    i just dont got much money and i want to collect my birtdays in march 26 i will be 19

  • ahmed


  • ahmed

    will there be anymore prizes

  • luke

    I do not have any trash packs and I love trash packs.):

  • Cody Armstrong

    I like the trash pack street swepper

  • tasha

    pick me

  • Reese.k

    If I win i want to thank you for doing this.

  • Reese.k

    I am a huge fan!!!

  • Reese.k

    I love trash packs

  • Reese.k

    I love all your giveaways and I want to get this one