Reagans Spooky Halloween Toy Giveaway

Hey gang, Halloween is almost here and Reagan has an awesome Halloween themed toy giveaway for ONE LUCKY BOIL or GHOUL (see what we did there? – Halloween humor)

In this spooktacular prize pack giveaway – Reagan has selected a Monster Crazy Cube pack, some S.L.U.G. Zombies, and a package of sticky Scatter Brainz. Fitting for Halloween, isn’t it? BRAIIINS! Look for the punchtab box below to enter.

  • Johnny

    I will put the trash pack trash can on the back pocket that say trash pack with 3 trash on top of it and I will put my homework folder with trash pack sticker on it.

  • Jacqueline Mozham

    i will put my trashies in the trash pack back pack

  • Noel Torres

    i will put trashies in it and they will have a fun and exciting party

  • anthony

    I hope I win in this give away.

  • Hank

    My trashies

  • Marco Montes Nava

    Please let me win

  • Bolat2004

    I will put my trashies in the trash can

  • Faqhrool Hadi

    I will put all my collectibles 😀 in my trash pack bag pack 😀

  • Thomas

    hi guys for christmas i wont scatter brains, crazy cubes and slug zombies so really i just wont to see how good they are but i well be really happy if i win

  • Daniel Sebastian

    i don’t know i don’t have any trash packs but i can put books there and they don’t sell trash packs in my country (Island)

  • John

    I will put my trashies in so when my friend has me over I can show him my trashiest and the bag

  • adam

    u 2 rock

  • adam

    i whould leave all my trash pack in there in cse i go to a freinds.

  • Elijah Bell

    i would put my trash pack

  • ReaganZillaFan

    you are awesome!

  • Jia Yao


  • mini t

    do you live in texas because i dont i live in england

  • mini t

    i really want to know you more

  • TheXuex

    dude your? awesome i wish we lived near you we would be friends. By TheXuex

  • MINI T


  • gus

    for halloween hes given away trash packs

  • Rejah_M

    yhes another giveaway 😀

  • Ozzie Martinez

    Where does he live

  • Ozzie Martinez

    I would put my Trashies and also can someone trade my limited addition trash cash for a Movie Trashie

  • jaden

    I just saw grow Finn and Jake and the new giveaway vid

  • jaden

    you guys are so cool

  • jaden

    I never did a giveaway

  • crusherkid

    oooooooo! aaaaaaaaaaa! ttttttttttttooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyssssssss!

  • Liam Web


  • Liam Web

    you guys are SO COOL!!!!!!

  • Will


  • T

    Trash packs el trasho

  • Eric

    Hey Reagan what’s up awesome dude

  • Eric

    Reagan I just want to say you are the coolest guy ever

  • Amani Flores

    can u guys do a give away on gogos

  • Amani Flores


  • Amani Flores

    I found a girl gogo with a skull on her shirt

  • Amani Flores

    i love your vids

  • jackson

    i love trash packs

  • Daniel Keating

    reagin is awsome

  • max

    who won

  • Britans got talent

    your dad needs a day off

  • ahmed elali


  • ahmed


  • lucas


  • Larry bird


  • Larry bird

    What’s up I love your videos

  • deav

    can you please start 12 pack trash pack toy giveaway in 2014