Micro Chargers Loop Track Giveaway from Reagans Toy Review

Hey RTR Nation – It’s time for another awesome toy giveaway. We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Moose Toys, creators of The Trash Pack, for an Epic giveaway for Micro Chargers. This second giveaway will be for the Micro Chargers Loop Track! Look below this post for the PunchTab giveaway box and login with either your email address or facebook account (kids, you may need your parent’s permission/help to do this).

After you login, you will be presented with some steps to qualify for the giveaway, like using Twitter, Subscribing to Reagans Toy Review on YouTube, leaving a blog comment, and more.

The more things you do to help us spread the word about Reagan’s Toy Review, the more entries you will receive. This contest will be set for 12 days. Good Luck!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ivonayu.fanging Ivona Yu Fang Ing

    can i get them . I hope that i can get them

  • jesus hernandezchavez

    I love to get something rom you guys

  • JoseM

    They look cool but I don’t think they have them where I live that why I want them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.arbanieh Kevin Arbanieh

    i love them but they dont have them where i live

  • lynn

    i dont have them where i live but they look like an awsome awsome collectable car by moose

  • http://twitter.com/azislam789 Azharul

    i want to win becuz i like micro chargers

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucas.coates.940 Lucas Coates

    I want to win because I have been watching all your videos and I am a huge fan of micro chargers but none sell where I live :(

  • owen mcghie

    i want to win because i have wathched you fore a long time and i think you amazing

  • bashboy

    i dont? have a lot of micro chargers and i need some

  • bashboy

    i love you guys

  • bashboy

    you guys are awesome i always watch you on youtube

  • Darkknight7475

    I think I should win because it is a good prize

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.milley Alex Milley

    I want to win because in canada we have to wait for a while before the good toys come out

  • Emerson gottscheu

    I would want to win beacause Ive been waiting and waiting for them to come out !

  • elias

    i do not have toys because my bother put all my toys in the trash

  • Spencer334

    Because i am a huge fan of your channel and i love your toy reviews and i have been waiting for your next toy review. You guys find the best toys of all time

  • bashboy

    i need to win this

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  • tony

    i want to win

  • cody

    looks so fun and it would be awesome to win it from you guys!

  • Shadow

    I reaally want and need it

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Theresa-Janke/100003177327043 Theresa Janke

    My son would have a blast playing with this

  • micro

    i hope i win

  • Winston Bui

    I want to win because if i do i would spend so many hours on it while watching the speed pasting around the loop

  • noahie

    hope too be the big winner

  • elias

    you guys are awesome

  • Austin Baroudi

    I want to win this for my nephew!

  • http://twitter.com/Gootsie22 Teresa Tripoli

    My boys would be so excited and I am sure we could do a review of there own :0)

  • muhammad basil

    i hope i win because this is my first enter a giveaway

  • lisa

    because this looks really cool!

  • cameron

    i want to win this because i realy like micro chargers and i dont have any yet

  • muhammad basil

    me too

  • Raquan Everhart

    I really hope i win.

  • rhiannon353

    My daughters have been begging for these cars! They’d be super excited if I won!

  • http://twitter.com/beachlover1970 Marti

    my boys would have ball

  • rex

    I hop I win for my angel I an poor and have nothing to give his birth day winch is in October

  • Kali

    My oldest loves watching your toy reviews and would be beyond thrilled to share this with his little brother! I’ved hear ALL about Micro Chargers! :)

  • nanabug

    i love micro chargers and this is my first time

  • nanabug

    i need them

  • nanabug

    ther awesome

  • nanabug

    they are cool

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004175310605 Kevin T MG


  • John

    Reagan and dad I would like to contact you if possible

  • Breydon33

    what’s your e mail dudes

  • Breydon33

    hey Reagan wanna be friends

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  • Reese.k

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