Micro Chargers Launcher Pack Giveaway from Reagans Toy Review

Hey RTR Nation – It’s time for another awesome toy giveaway. We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Moose Toys, creators of The Trash Pack, for an Epic giveaway for Micro Chargers. This first giveaway will be for the Micro Chargers Launcher Pack!

In normal RTR fashion, jump below this post to the PunchTab giveaway box and login with either your email address or facebook account (kids, you may need your parent’s permission/help to do this). After you login, you will be presented with some steps to qualify for the giveaway, like using Twitter, Subscribing to Reagans Toy Review on YouTube, leaving a blog comment, and more.

The more things you do to help us spread the word about Reagan’s Toy Review, the more entries you will receive. This contest will be set for 7 days. Good Luck!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/MattyMarchesi Matthew Marchesi

    sorry about the -6 stars i tried to leave 5 stars but it went to negatine #s. i dont know how to change it

  • jesus hernandezchavez

    I can wait top win something of you guys

  • Adarshkidsaan

    Soo cool guys

  • nanabug

    i love it

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.arbanieh Kevin Arbanieh

    i love it but they dont sell them near me????

  • disqus_5bak5UYc1w

    I love it

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucas.coates.940 Lucas Coates

    I love them so so so much but they don’t sell where I live :(

  • bashboy

    you guys are so awesome

  • mario100

    i love your videos

    • reaganstoyreview

      Thanks alot!

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    your are awesome

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    you guys are awesome!

    • reaganstoyreview

      Appreciate that. Thanks!

  • Adarshkidsaan

    Announce the winner on YouTube and by email Reagan’s dad what’s your email address ?

    • reaganstoyreview

      Yes, We will draw the winner LIVE on YouTube

  • sway sen

    you guys are the best

    • reaganstoyreview

      Thanks so much! Appreciate ya!

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    nice videos

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    I saw every video and liked every video your videos are the best!!!!!!!!! Hope i win.

  • Adarshkidsaan

    I love the videos u guys make and I really think you are cool and you are the best toy reviewers I have ever seen

    • reaganstoyreview

      Thanks so much :)

  • Winston Bui

    I love your guys video . i love how you guys do a lot of give aways. Like seriosly i watch a guy that barely do give away thats why you are the best

    • reaganstoyreview

      WOW! Thanks for the nice words! We really appreciate that.

  • noahie

    cant wait to see if i win

  • Austin Baroudi

    I would like to win this for my other nephew!!!

    • reaganstoyreview

      Enter as many times as you would like!! Plenty of entries from Liking, tweeting and google +1ing items.

  • muhammad basil

    i watch you video every hours and it was awesome

  • muhammad basil

    and reagan i like you all video

  • muhammad basil

    please reagan help me win please

  • Raquan Everhart

    I don’t have one and have wanted one for a long time. Im a big fan of yours ive watched all your videos. Keep them coming!

  • Raquan Everhart

    I hope I get it!

  • bashboy

    i love you guys

  • bashboy

    awesome videos

  • bashboy

    i love micro chargers

  • bashboy

    thats why i want them

  • bashboy

    reagen and dad make a good team

  • gris

    please lett my win I am the biggest fan of you guys so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz let my win

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    I want please I want because I don’t have

  • Ninjago629

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