Make Your Own Trash Pack Costume Contest Announcement

Hey RTR Nation! As you probably heard, we are hosting a Trash Pack Halloween Costume Contest, where 3 lucky winners will receive a HUGE TRASH PACK PRIZE PACK from MOOSE TOYS!! This is the official announcement that the contest has started and will run through October 30th. Reagan, Daddy, and Reagan will review all of the entries and we will make a video announcement on October 31st – Halloween 2013.

Soon we will reveal details on how you will be able to enter your costume creation to be a part of this contest.

All you have to do to get started in this costume contest is to make your Trash Pack costume. You can use items from around your house, or store bought items. Please have your parents lend a helping hand if possible :) And, of course, please be safe in constructing your costume if you are handling any tools (scissors, hot glue guns, etc.)

Make sure you are following us on FACEBOOK and subscribed to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for the announcement on how to enter your costume!


  • Cynthia Kalis

    Do you make a

    • reaganstoyreview

      Just go for it – create a costume. Whatever you deem is a costume. Just get in there and participate!

  • Bhavyha

    Cool stuff Reagan

    • reaganstoyreview

      Hope you will participate!

  • tasha

    I love the trash pack win pick me

  • Garin’s mom

    Photo or video? I’m working on my son’s costume now…

  • khaled alamour

    how do we show you our trash pack halloween costume

    • reaganstoyreview

      We are going to host the halloween contest on Facebook!

  • Jonathan Gatsoff

    Facebook page?

  • Kitty123

    Hey Regan we want to participate but we live in the UK, are we still able to participate in the contest??

  • Kitty123

    Also do we have to wear the costume in the photo?

  • reaganstoyreview


  • daniel the trashie lover

    how we will ge the prizze i am in uae dubai you are so far

  • sanjith

    HI Regan this is my first time seeing your video.The thing is I don’t celebreate halloween.Is it ok if I sketch a costume and not build it?

  • Tatiana

    Regan is so stupid he should die

  • jasper

    good i made my one costum its cool