Trash Pack Dumps 20,000 Trashies Sample Packs on Times Square in New York City

Hey Trash Pack fans – it’s Reagan and Daddy here and we just received word from Trash Pack’s Public Relations firm, here in the United States, that our gross garbage friends landed on Times Square in New York City. Or, should we say – they were dumped in Times Square!

Reagan’s Toy Review was asked to premier this video for Trash Pack friends and fans far and wide. We were super excited with the offer – who wouldn’t be? So, in proper trashy form, Reagan and Daddy jumped at the opportunity. We received the video several hours ago from Trash Pack and have released it first on YouTube. The Trash Pack official YouTube channel will host the video tomorrow. THANKS AGAIN TRASH PACK for THIS OPPORTUNITY! We love you guys and gals!

Children, parents, curious onlookers, and more gathered in Times Square as the Trash Pack themed dump truck ejected 20,000 samples into the New York streets! Words explain, but this is just something you have to see with your own eyes!