LEGO DC Universe 4527 The Joker and 4528 Green Lantern Review with Reagan and Cuzin’ Wes

Well, Cuzin’ Wes came in from out of town for a family visit, and so, Reagan, Daddy, Mommy, and Baby Brother loaded up in the car and headed over to grandma’s house. It has been a while since we have seen Wes and his mom, so we were all excited for the visit. After Grandma fixed us an awesome breakfast of eggs, grits, sausage, bacon, biscuits, fruit salad, and orange juice, Wes announced that he had got some new toys while he was in for his visit. In fact, Wes purchased the LEGO DC Universe – Set 4527 The Joker and Set 4528 The Green Lantern from Grandma’s local Barnes and Noble bookstore.

We were so pumped! Reagan and I have been talking about picking up some super hero figures from LEGO, so this was a nice surprise to get an upclose view of the figures! Wes also noted that you can combine the sets 4527 and 4528 to create ULTRA VERSIONS of The Green Lantern and The Joker. We got another blog post with photos on the ULTRA BUILD coming up.

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The Video Discussion

In the video below, Cuzin’ Wes and Reagan talk for a few minutes about each character – The Joker and Green Lantern.

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