2012 Lego Ninjago NRG Jay – Set 9570 Review and Unboxing

Ninjago fans?  You bet we are! Reagan and Daddy shopped this week at ToysRUs.com and while we were checking out some of our favorite products, we decided to check out the Ninjago section and see if there were some new sets available.

To our great surprise there were 6 new sets that were on our buy list. One of these targetted pick ups was NRG Jay – Lego Ninjago set 9570. Having transformed into lightning energy, NRG Jay is ready to do battle at his fullest potential. The serpentine tribes better be wary of this bad boy ninja!

This new Ninjago minifig costs 12.99 online at Toys R Us, but is also available at Amazon and Ebay.


The 9570 set includes the following components:


(1) NRG Jay figurine with an electrifying blue lightning bolt pattern across his chest and back that gives a glowing effect through the use of an irradescent type paint. It’s about as close to glowing as we are going to get on this Ninjago figurine!


(1) Gold Spear
(1) Standard Spear
(1) Standard Ninjago Sword


NRG Jay’s crown is a serated silver blade with a spinner inspired by his relationship with lightning – it is a deep, translucent blue in color.


(1) Character card
(4) Battle cards

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  • http://reaganzilla.com zill333

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      Thanks so much!

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      If we have a giveaway for an NRG Cole, you can certainly enter the giveaway…

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          You certainly can – Reagan and I will talk about our upcoming Ninjago giveaways and see if that will be one of them.

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      :) – Yep! And it is amazingly awesome.

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      They are ordered from Toys R Us and they will be arriving tomorrow.

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        NRG Zane will be released in september 2012

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