Enter The Make Your Own Trash Pack Halloween Costume Contest

Ok Trash Pack fanatics – the time has come for you to start uploading the photos of your trash pack costumes. We are hosting the contest on Facebook where you can enter your photo into our gallery. Today is October 30th, so you have today and all day tomorrow, October 31st to upload your photos. Reagan and I will then go through all of the submissions and select the BEST 3 costumes! The grand prize winner will receive a HUGE Trash Pack prize pack, and the 2 runner up places will receive prize packs as well.

Click Here to enter your photo for your chance to win

Here are the first 4 contestants:

Want to see what the Grand Prize looks like? Check it out below:

Make Your Own Trash Pack Costume Contest Announcement

Hey RTR Nation! As you probably heard, we are hosting a Trash Pack Halloween Costume Contest, where 3 lucky winners will receive a HUGE TRASH PACK PRIZE PACK from MOOSE TOYS!! This is the official announcement that the contest has started and will run through October 30th. Reagan, Daddy, and Reagan will review all of the entries and we will make a video announcement on October 31st – Halloween 2013.

Soon we will reveal details on how you will be able to enter your costume creation to be a part of this contest.

All you have to do to get started in this costume contest is to make your Trash Pack costume. You can use items from around your house, or store bought items. Please have your parents lend a helping hand if possible :) And, of course, please be safe in constructing your costume if you are handling any tools (scissors, hot glue guns, etc.)

Make sure you are following us on FACEBOOK and subscribed to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for the announcement on how to enter your costume!


Trash Pack Scum Drum and Series 2 Series 3 Trashies Giveaway

Our friends over at Trash Pack sent us an amazing box of great giveaway products, including the the Trash Pack Scum Drum! Reagan’s Toy Review would like to give a big shout out to Trash Pack and their public relations company for sending us all this great Trashy Swag! So, here is the deal Reaganzilla Nation – One lucky winner will randomly be drawn this coming Thursday, June 20th.

Here are the rules…

TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY – You must use the contest box by PunchTab that is in the bottom of this post. You can enter with your Facebook login or an email address. Once you access the contest, you will be given opportunities to earn entries. You can earn daily entries by doing the following through the PunchTab contest interface box below

1. Subscribe to us on YouTube
2. Like us on Facebook
3. Share the contest
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5. and so much more!!


Trash Pack UFT Ultimate Fighting Trashies Giveaway

Hey Reagan’s Toy Review Nation – Reagan and I have been slammed with videos and all kinds of new content coming your way. To celebrate spring break we have decided to release the giveaway videos! We seriously have tons of Trash Pack toys to giveaway, so you will want to be sure that you are subscribed to our youtube channel – youtube.com/reaganzilla. This post will be featuring an awesome UFT – Ultimate Fighting Trashies giveaway. If you are new to our website, we’d like to say WELCOME! For those of you who have entered before you know what to do. In short, look below this post and you will find our giveaway widget. You will see two buttons. One for facebook and one for email. You can enter the contest through either button. Once you enter through facebook or through your email address you will be presented with all kinds of opportunities to earn entries. For instance, you could retweet our contest, or you could like our page on facebook. There are tons of options. Here is where it gets better – you can enter each and every day! Heck, you can enter as many times as you want! So, without any further delay – START ENTERING BELOW! Reagan and I will announce the winner in several days. GOOD LUCK

The Trash Pack Street Sweeper Giveaway

Happy Holidays Reagan’s Toy Review fans! Reagan and I have been enjoying time with family and enjoying all of the great food and memories that surround this time of year. We have a TON of new toys to giveaway, so you will want to be sure that you are subscribed to our youtube channel – http://www.youtube.com/reaganzilla (just hit the subscribe button).

Per the usual, we are using Punchtab to administer our giveaway. Look for the punchtab box below and start sending in your entries for your chance to win. With punchtab, you can ENTER AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH!! Tweet each day, share it on facebook, or Google Plus us – anything you wish, the more you share the contest, the more chances you will earn to win.

The Trash Pack Street sweeper comes with 2 exclusive trashies! This vehicle is loads of fun to play with and we wish you all the best! Good luck.

Win A Limited Edition Series 3 Rot Vault from Trash Pack and Reagans Toy Review

Reagan’s Toy Review and Trash Pack are super excited to bring you another awesome Trash Pack Giveaway!! This isn’t a Fizz Bag, a 5 – pack, or even a 12 – pack. Nope, today, we are bringing out the BIG Prize. Yes, a LIMITED EDITION ROT VAULT from Series 3 Trash Packs. We are so honored to be able to give this amazing trashie character away to a Reagan’s Toy Review visitor/subscriber (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to OUR CHANNEL).

Win Limited Edition Trash Pack Rot Vault

Per the usual, we are using PunchTab to administer our contest. Look for the PunchTab box below and sign in with either your or your parent’s facebook account and/or email address. Once you login to PunchTab you will be presented with many options which count as entries into the contest. Tweet our contest, and you will get one entry. Leave a comment (please leave comments that are useful, not letters and numbers repeatedly) or like us on facebook – yep, those count as entries. Get started below and thanks for being a FAN of Reagan’s Toy Review:


Holiday Giveaway Toys R Us Special Edition Trash Pack Trash Can

The holidays are right around the corner! Reagan and Daddy are ready to spread the cheer of the holidays and the upcoming arrival of the winter season with a string of Holiday Giveaways! For our first giveaway we have selected a Special Edition Trash Pack Trash Can. This black, aluminum trash bin can be used to store your existing trashies or even start your new collection. This collector’s trash can comes with 2 exclusive trashies.

Due to the increase in giveaway requests and the associated shipping costs of this item – this giveaway will be for residents of the Continental United States.


1. You must be a resident of the Continental United States
2. You must be a subscriber of the Reaganzilla YouTube channel


Reagans Spooky Halloween Toy Giveaway

Hey gang, Halloween is almost here and Reagan has an awesome Halloween themed toy giveaway for ONE LUCKY BOIL or GHOUL (see what we did there? – Halloween humor)

In this spooktacular prize pack giveaway – Reagan has selected a Monster Crazy Cube pack, some S.L.U.G. Zombies, and a package of sticky Scatter Brainz. Fitting for Halloween, isn’t it? BRAIIINS! Look for the punchtab box below to enter.

Trash Pack Backpack Giveaway by Reagans Toy Review

We’re back folks! We have some great giveaways that are coming your way. Today, we are leading off with a Trash Pack backpack giveaway.

That’s right, those awesome trashies are ready to accompany you to school or anywhere that you want to go with your bag. Stuff trashies in your bag or your homework! Heck, why not both! Look for the punchtab box below and enter the contest by using your email address or facebook account. As always, Reagan and I wish you good luck!

Micro Chargers Loop Track Giveaway from Reagans Toy Review

Hey RTR Nation – It’s time for another awesome toy giveaway. We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Moose Toys, creators of The Trash Pack, for an Epic giveaway for Micro Chargers. This second giveaway will be for the Micro Chargers Loop Track! Look below this post for the PunchTab giveaway box and login with either your email address or facebook account (kids, you may need your parent’s permission/help to do this).

After you login, you will be presented with some steps to qualify for the giveaway, like using Twitter, Subscribing to Reagans Toy Review on YouTube, leaving a blog comment, and more.

The more things you do to help us spread the word about Reagan’s Toy Review, the more entries you will receive. This contest will be set for 12 days. Good Luck!!