Adventure Time Grow Your Own Finn Figure

Reagan and Dad had the distinct pleasure of growing our very own Adventure Time Finn! A little over a month ago, as Reagan and I were shopping at our local Toys R Us, we came across a box of assorted Adventure Time toys and figures and noticed that one, lonely pack said – “Grow Your Own” Finn.

Adventure Time - Grow Your Own Finn CharacterOf course, instantly, Reagan and I looked at one another and said, “we are so getting this!” Reagan and I are HUGE Adventure Time fans and when we discovered that we could chunk a small Finn into a bowl of water and watch him grow, well, we just had to do it. We took all of our YouTube subscribers along for the journey. You can watch the entire series below:

Reagan and I discover the Grow Your Own Figure at Toys R Us:

Reagan and I prepare to place Finn into the water. Check out the scale of Finn, when we start at Day 1

After a couple days, Finn has started to stretch in his growth and as a result, some of his color started to come off.

Growth explosion! Check him out.

Update on Finn! Now in GIANT status.

Double Jumbo!

It’s time to reverse the GROWTH and now it’s time to SHRINK Finn back!


Our adventure is still going on. Make sure you check back on this post in the weeks ahead to see if Finn returns to his starting size.

The Toy Review:

At first glance, you would probably pass this toy in the store because you may have preconceived notions about water toys, especially those that fall into the “grow” category. I must admit that I didn’t think that this toy would grow to anything substantial after seeing the growth results after 24 hours. It wasn’t for a couple of days until the growth explosion began. And once it started, there was no turning back. Finn grew to a substantial size, large enough that Reagan could detect the increase, which was loads of fun during our video observations.

Does the toy do anything other than grow?

Well, no. The toy doesn’t do anything other than grow, but it’s the growth that yields the fun. This is a great little toy novelty that yielded lots of laughter and amazement, at least in our household.


Reagan and I didn’t have too many complaints about this toy other than the fact that his paint peels pretty bad during the first growth spurt, but then seems to even out. On a positive note, Finn’s face (paint) never cracked, which was a good thing. The paint ripping/tearing occurred along his legs. One other thing to note is the fact that when you decide to shrink Finn back, he is unable to resume his seated position. We are uncertain that if this occurs in all of these toys, but Finn’s bottom never seemed to flatten back out and as a result, Finn can’t sit up anymore – he lays on his side. That’s a bummer.

This toy is a novelty. Buy it for what it is – a cute character from the Adventure Time cartoon series on Cartoon Network that grows when you place him in water. It’s the experience that is fun.

Reagan and I give this toy two thumbs up! Go for it. Have some fun.

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COMING UP – Adventure Time Grow Your Own Figure – JAKE! It has been ordered from Toys R Us. We are waiting for the mail to get here and we are excited to bring you another fun series.

Bye guys and gals – See ya soon!
Reagan and Daddy