Funny Fireworks 101 TShirt

Hey RTR Nation, Reagan and Jack got together with Dad to create another AWESOME fireworks tshirt. This design surrounds how one should safely launch fireworks.

STEP 1 – Ignite it
STEP 2 – Drop The Punk
STEP 3 – Book It (AKA – RUN AWAY)

We hope you like this shirt as much as we do. You can buy your OFFICIAL Reagan’s Toy Review – Fireworks 101 Tshirt from Amazon! These are not sold in stores.

funny fireworks tshirt

Get To The Safe Zone T-shirts

After much discussion and requests from our FIREWORKS fans on Reagans Toy Review, we have finally released our first t-shirt commemorating our most famous phrase “Get To The Safe Zone”! As you probably know our family loves celebrating New Years and 4th of July with a large variety of fireworks from 200 gram cakes to 500 gram cakes and everything in between. One thing that we preach is safety first due to the many accidents that happen every year from handling fireworks.

Get To The Safe Zone T-Shirt For Sale at Amazon: CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS

Watch any of our fireworks videos and you will see a concentrated effort to be as safe as we can be while handling fireworks. We are so happy that you share in our joy of lighting fireworks, so we got our resident artist to make a really cool shirt that you can buy at Amazon

Get To The Safe Zone T-Shirt

Get To The Safe Zone T-Shirt For Sale at Amazon: CLICK HERE TO BUY YOURS

Grossery Gang Series One Checklist Available For Download

Hey Gang! Are you pumped for Moose Toys’ newest release – The Grossery Gang! At Reagan and Jack’s Toy Review, we can hardly wait to start crackin’ open blind bags and playsets. We are also anxious to find out who these disgusting characters are.

A quick trip over to the official website revealed to us a series 1 checklist so that we could get a glimpse at these 150 rotten rascals! You will notice that characters in each category have an alternate color value, similar to Garbage Pail Kids trading cards where you have 2 versions of each character.

They are categorized in the following manner: Gross Greasies, Sour Dairy, Half Baked Bakery
18 total characters, Awful Sauces, Badly Frozen, Scummy Sodas, Barf-Room Supplies, Stinky Snacks, Moldy Veg, Sticky Sweets, Trashed Cans.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the characters :)

Happy Collecting!!

Gross Greasies

12 characters (1o common and 2 rare)
Gross Greasies Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Sour Dairy

8 characters (6 common and 2 rare)

Sour Dairy Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Half Baked Bakery

18 total characters (12 common and 6 rare)

Half Baked Bakery Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Awful Sauces

14 total characters (10 common and 4 rare)

Awful Sauces Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Badly Frozen

8 total characters (8 rare)

Badly Frozen Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Scummy Sodas

6 total characters (4 common and 2 rare)

Scummy Sodas Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Barf Room Supplies

14 total characters (4 common and 10 rare)

Barf Room Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Stinky Snacks

16 total characters (14 common and 2 rare)

Stinky Snacks Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Moldy Veg with Moldy Finish

24 total characters (24 ultra rare)

Moldy Veg Characters with Moldy Finish - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Sticky Sweets with Sticky Finish

24 total characters (24 special edition)

Sticky Sweets Characters with Sticky Finish - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Trashed Cans with Metallic Finish

6 total characters (6 limited edition)

Trashed Cans Characters with Metallic Finish - The Grossery Gang Series 1

The Grossery Gang Unboxing Videos

Hey Gang! Summer 2016 is here and Reagan and Jack-Jack and maybe even Harrison and Cheeto will be joining us on video as we begin to unbox all of the offerings from Moose Toys’ Grossery Gang. We are super excited to begin our newest collection and even give some products away to you, the RTR nation – our fans and friends.

A visit to Moose’s website shows some pretty exciting products for this new disgusting line of collectibles including:

The Mushy Slushie Playset


The Gang – Series 1 Collector’s Cup (in frozen slushie cup)


The Gang – Series 1 Large Pack (in Chip bag)


The Gang – Series 1 Regular Pack (in soda can with blind character boxing included


The Gang – Series 1 Surprise Pack (retail blind bags)

While we are waiting here is a new video of Jack-Jack opening some old Trash Pack – 2 pack playing cards…

The supermarket will never be the same once these disgusting characters arrive on store shelves, undoubtedly scaring away the Shopkins!

Stay tuned to Reagan and Jack’s Toy Review

Air Hogs Drone – X4 Stunt Quad Copter

Hey Gang – 2016 draws near and with that comes new reviews on the latest and greatest in all things toys. This Christmas holiday season, Reagan received an Air Hogs drone! Yep, the Air Hogs RC Helix X4 Stunt, 2.4 GHZ Quad Copter. While this top listed gift is a bit on the expensive side the return on the toy investment is well worth the dollars spent. Never have we had so much fun as a family flying this drone in our home.

Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt Drone Quad Copter

It’s compressed styrofoam exo-skeleton and ducted fans make it a perfect rc toy to use indoors. It’s durability is top notch. I can’t tell you how many times Reagan and I have had this drone fall more than 15 feet and hit the ground and not even take a dent or scratch. Furthermore, it’s 2.4 GHz frequency also prevents interference from other low priced rc toys that may be operating at the same time, usually operating on 49MHz.

While learning to fly this quad copter is a bit challenging at first, over time you will be able to command it like a pro. The USB charging device is also very handy, unlike other Air Hogs rc vehicles which charge directly from the remote control, and subsequently eat batteries!

Did we mention that this bad boy does stunts too? That’s right, a simple press of a button in advanced mode will allow your drone to accomplish barrel rolls and flips.

If you are looking for fun, this is the one you want! Buy It at AMAZON

Enter The Make Your Own Trash Pack Halloween Costume Contest

Ok Trash Pack fanatics – the time has come for you to start uploading the photos of your trash pack costumes. We are hosting the contest on Facebook where you can enter your photo into our gallery. Today is October 30th, so you have today and all day tomorrow, October 31st to upload your photos. Reagan and I will then go through all of the submissions and select the BEST 3 costumes! The grand prize winner will receive a HUGE Trash Pack prize pack, and the 2 runner up places will receive prize packs as well.

Click Here to enter your photo for your chance to win

Here are the first 4 contestants:

Want to see what the Grand Prize looks like? Check it out below:

Make Your Own Trash Pack Costume Contest Announcement

Hey RTR Nation! As you probably heard, we are hosting a Trash Pack Halloween Costume Contest, where 3 lucky winners will receive a HUGE TRASH PACK PRIZE PACK from MOOSE TOYS!! This is the official announcement that the contest has started and will run through October 30th. Reagan, Daddy, and Reagan will review all of the entries and we will make a video announcement on October 31st – Halloween 2013.

Soon we will reveal details on how you will be able to enter your costume creation to be a part of this contest.

All you have to do to get started in this costume contest is to make your Trash Pack costume. You can use items from around your house, or store bought items. Please have your parents lend a helping hand if possible :) And, of course, please be safe in constructing your costume if you are handling any tools (scissors, hot glue guns, etc.)

Make sure you are following us on FACEBOOK and subscribed to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL for the announcement on how to enter your costume!


Trash Pack Gross Ghosts Series 12 Pack Unboxing Review

Hey Reagan’s Toy Review Nation – it’s Dad and Reagan and this time we are back with an ultra special Trash Pack surprise. Recently we were greeted with a large box from UPS and you might be able to guess who it was from by the video in this post. Yep, you guessed it, it was TRASH PACK! The great people from Moose Toys’ PR company sent us a new Trash Pack series called – Gross Ghosts! Not only did they send us a 12 pack, but they also sent us a 5 pack and the official Gross Ghosts Garbage Truck!

What is a Trash Pack Gross Ghost? Glad you asked! They are a new see-through trashie, that looks like a ghost! They are equally as disgusting as their series 1 characters. This ghostly series will be available at TARGET stores just in time for Halloween, this fall 2013.

Trash Pack Scum Drum and Series 2 Series 3 Trashies Giveaway

Our friends over at Trash Pack sent us an amazing box of great giveaway products, including the the Trash Pack Scum Drum! Reagan’s Toy Review would like to give a big shout out to Trash Pack and their public relations company for sending us all this great Trashy Swag! So, here is the deal Reaganzilla Nation – One lucky winner will randomly be drawn this coming Thursday, June 20th.

Here are the rules…

TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY – You must use the contest box by PunchTab that is in the bottom of this post. You can enter with your Facebook login or an email address. Once you access the contest, you will be given opportunities to earn entries. You can earn daily entries by doing the following through the PunchTab contest interface box below

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5. and so much more!!


Trash Pack UFT Ultimate Fighting Trashies Giveaway

Hey Reagan’s Toy Review Nation – Reagan and I have been slammed with videos and all kinds of new content coming your way. To celebrate spring break we have decided to release the giveaway videos! We seriously have tons of Trash Pack toys to giveaway, so you will want to be sure that you are subscribed to our youtube channel – This post will be featuring an awesome UFT – Ultimate Fighting Trashies giveaway. If you are new to our website, we’d like to say WELCOME! For those of you who have entered before you know what to do. In short, look below this post and you will find our giveaway widget. You will see two buttons. One for facebook and one for email. You can enter the contest through either button. Once you enter through facebook or through your email address you will be presented with all kinds of opportunities to earn entries. For instance, you could retweet our contest, or you could like our page on facebook. There are tons of options. Here is where it gets better – you can enter each and every day! Heck, you can enter as many times as you want! So, without any further delay – START ENTERING BELOW! Reagan and I will announce the winner in several days. GOOD LUCK