Grossery Gang Series One Checklist Available For Download

Hey Gang! Are you pumped for Moose Toys’ newest release – The Grossery Gang! At Reagan and Jack’s Toy Review, we can hardly wait to start crackin’ open blind bags and playsets. We are also anxious to find out who these disgusting characters are.

A quick trip over to the official website revealed to us a series 1 checklist so that we could get a glimpse at these 150 rotten rascals! You will notice that characters in each category have an alternate color value, similar to Garbage Pail Kids trading cards where you have 2 versions of each character.

They are categorized in the following manner: Gross Greasies, Sour Dairy, Half Baked Bakery
18 total characters, Awful Sauces, Badly Frozen, Scummy Sodas, Barf-Room Supplies, Stinky Snacks, Moldy Veg, Sticky Sweets, Trashed Cans.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the characters :)

Happy Collecting!!

Gross Greasies

12 characters (1o common and 2 rare)
Gross Greasies Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Sour Dairy

8 characters (6 common and 2 rare)

Sour Dairy Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Half Baked Bakery

18 total characters (12 common and 6 rare)

Half Baked Bakery Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Awful Sauces

14 total characters (10 common and 4 rare)

Awful Sauces Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Badly Frozen

8 total characters (8 rare)

Badly Frozen Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Scummy Sodas

6 total characters (4 common and 2 rare)

Scummy Sodas Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Barf Room Supplies

14 total characters (4 common and 10 rare)

Barf Room Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Stinky Snacks

16 total characters (14 common and 2 rare)

Stinky Snacks Characters - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Moldy Veg with Moldy Finish

24 total characters (24 ultra rare)

Moldy Veg Characters with Moldy Finish - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Sticky Sweets with Sticky Finish

24 total characters (24 special edition)

Sticky Sweets Characters with Sticky Finish - The Grossery Gang Series 1

Trashed Cans with Metallic Finish

6 total characters (6 limited edition)

Trashed Cans Characters with Metallic Finish - The Grossery Gang Series 1

The Grossery Gang Unboxing Videos

Hey Gang! Summer 2016 is here and Reagan and Jack-Jack and maybe even Harrison and Cheeto will be joining us on video as we begin to unbox all of the offerings from Moose Toys’ Grossery Gang. We are super excited to begin our newest collection and even give some products away to you, the RTR nation – our fans and friends.

A visit to Moose’s website shows some pretty exciting products for this new disgusting line of collectibles including:

The Mushy Slushie Playset


The Gang – Series 1 Collector’s Cup (in frozen slushie cup)


The Gang – Series 1 Large Pack (in Chip bag)


The Gang – Series 1 Regular Pack (in soda can with blind character boxing included


The Gang – Series 1 Surprise Pack (retail blind bags)

While we are waiting here is a new video of Jack-Jack opening some old Trash Pack – 2 pack playing cards…

The supermarket will never be the same once these disgusting characters arrive on store shelves, undoubtedly scaring away the Shopkins!

Stay tuned to Reagan and Jack’s Toy Review