Series 3 S.L.U.G. Zombies 12 Pack Coffin Box

Reagan and Daddy headed out to Toys R Us, once again, in search of some new SLUG Zombies. Since unboxing our first several 3 packs from series 1, we were hooked by the Jakk’s Pacific toy series and we were thirsty for more! Sounds a little zombie-like, doesn’t it? BRAAAAAAIIINNNS…

Anyways, we happened to stumble across a series 3 – 12 Pack Coffin Box, so in RTR fashion, we snagged the coffin filled with the living dead and ran up to the cash register with some other goodies. We couldn’t wait to get home and unleash our new zombies from their wooden coffin, along with 2 zombie killers – Johnny Two Guns and Double Barrel Carol


If you haven’t seen this unboxing, grab some popcorn and keep an eye on your windows and doors for stray zombies, they just might be watching you! Check out Reaganzilla and Daddy tear open the coffin to reveal our new characters.

Jakk’s Pacific did an awesome job on this toy series with their attention to detail. Each zombie and zombie killer has great cartoonish detail! You will notice that alot of these characters share similarities with individuals such as: Bruce Lee (Jeet Kune Dead) and The KFC Colonel (Extra Crispy). Of course, there are many more…Elvis, anyone?

Reagan and I are huge monster fans, so this series is a hit with us. Capitalizing off the zombie apps, games, movies, and more – S.L.U.G. (Scary Little Ugly Guys) Zombies should do very well. Hopefully our review will spur you to load some up in your shopping cart on your next toy purchase(s)

Til Next Time –
Reagan and Daddy….OUT!