2012 Lego Ninjago True Potential NRG Cole – Set 9572 Review and Unboxing

Ninjago fans gather ’round – Reagan and Daddy are about to unleash the TRUE POTENTIAL of NRG Cole upon you! If you have a good pair of shades you might want to reach for them now before the power of this Cole minifig is released. Reagan and I are huge fans of these new NRG Ninjago minifigs solely upon their brightly colored faces and ninja uniforms. How about you? What is your favorite thing about the NRG figures? You gotta admit that the glowing eyes are OUTRAGEOUSLY RADICAL. We picked this figure up at ToysRUs.com, along with NRG Jay, Spitta and Fangdam.

NRG Cole – Lego Set 9572 was on our radar as soon as the NRG ninjas were available for purchase. Having harnessed and mastered the ways of the Earth, Cole transforms into a super powerful ninja that has reached his true potential. Upon close inspection you will observe a pulsing fire in his eyes, almost a lava/magma meets crumbling Earth look! Serpents be ware – this ninja ain’t playin’ around.




(1) Gold Scythe
(1) Standard Spear
(1) Standard Training Sword

Trash Pack Trashies Giveaway Game from Reagans Toy Review

Hey RTR fans! Reagan and Daddy are back. We have been so busy working on new features and views that we have neglected to blog for a couple of days. Sorry. But, not to worry! As promised to many of you who entered our last Trash Pack Trashies giveaway, we are creating new giveaways! And when we say giveaways (PLURAL) – Reagan and I mean, we have lots of new toys to giveaway to our awesome fans! We are so excited to move forward with our growing list of summer awesomeness! Some of these giveaways include the following:

Summer Giveaways Coming Up

  • Trash Pack Trashies
  • S.L.U.G. Zombies
  • Lego Ninjago
  • Squinkies
  • Angry Birds Toys
  • Marvel Grab Zags
  • and More

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This week’s giveaway is rather simple. Just like last time we want you to use the giveaway box below to enter the contest so that everyone has a chance to record their entries. Unfortunately, we simply can not look for a comment left on YouTube or an email sent due to the level of entries and participation that we receive on our toy giveaways. So make sure you enter using our giveaway unit below. Look for the title below (Enter Giveaway Here).

Guess How Many – Looks Can Be Deceiving…

Enter Giveaway Here – Complete Items 1 – 4

1. Register to win and increase your chances by participating in our Giveaway Tracker. Items include – following us on twitter, and facebook, leaving comments, and liking this blog post. Follow the instructions after logging in to the system.

2. Visit YouTube and SUBSCRIBE to our channel
3. Visit YouTube and THUMBS UP the Win 5 Random Trash Pack Trashies from Reagans Toy Review
4. Visit YouTube and ADD TO FAVORITES The Giveaway video for 5 Random Trashies

The Rules and Stuff

In 10 days, we will use our giveaway system to randomly select the winner and we will record that video for everyone to see the announcement on YouTube.

** If you are randomly selected as the winner, and your number guess is within +5/-5 of the total number of Trashies, you will receive a BONUS character.

*** If you are randomly selected as the winner, and your number guess is the exact number of Trashies in the can, you will receive a BONUS character and a Marvel Grab Zag!

Thanks so much for participating! Make sure you share this contest blog post with your friends and family. Enter as many times as you wish! Stay tuned for some awesome new website additions, new YouTube videos, MOAR SUMMER GIVEAWAYS, and other rad stuff.

Reagan and Daddy

Winner of Trash Pack Fizz Bag Giveaway Announced

Reagan and I got together after dinner and logged into our website to pick the winner for the Trash Pack Fizz Bag Giveaway. PunchTab has an amazing tool that helps us randomly select a winner. Before we announce the winner, we would like to give thanks to all of our amazing community members who participated. This has been so much fun for us and we are so thankful to have met so many great people.

We want you to remember that this is a community for you! Reagan and I are working hard to provide you with a great website with quality content, videos and toy giveaways. We have so many exciting things coming up, so make sure that you subscribe to us on YouTube and stay tuned to the website.

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NEW Giveaway was announced today!! You will want to check back. We’re just getting started and Summer break has started. Get ready for an awesome good time at Reagan’s Toy Review.

Congratulations goes out to Robert! Thanks so much for participating. Please share your winning video with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus!